Students with Mild/Moderate Needs Going to College (article and resources)

Students with Mild/Moderate Needs Going to College

By Kirah Johnson

On February 13th, 2018 DCSEAC sponsored a presentation for Students with Mild Moderate needs that want to go college.  The event was a big success with over 60 people attending!

Presenters at the event were Meghan Johnson (HRHS Student w/Moderate Needs), Kirah Johnson (HRHS Parent), Judy Jordan (18-21 Bridge Transition Program Coordinator for DCSD) and Melissa Cermak (Assistant Director from the Access Center at Metropolitan State University).  Presentations included everything from helpful tips while searching for a college, with steps that can be taken now, to differences between college and high school accommodations. The evening concluded with a Q&A session where parents and students were able to get all of their questions answered.

DCSEAC is extremely appreciative of all the speakers for taking the time to come speak and provide such helpful advice.  A special shout out to the maintenance team at Cresthill Middle School for all of your assistance!

DCSEAC hopes to present this program yearly, so that many more will be able to share in this knowledge.