Remote learning resources

We understand that this may be a difficult transition and a stressful time for our students. We want to support our students and families the best way that we can. We will be collaborating closely with case managers and classroom teachers on the assignments provided for remote learning to ensure that students are able to complete this work and have access to accommodations to support their learning and communication needs in each class. Because remote learning is vastly different than the traditional, in-building structure students are accustomed to, we are including some resources for success via online schooling. The websites listed are offering some type of parent free resource or discounted access. 

Here are some resources to assist with planning and organization.

The following are some resources you can use and share regarding COVID-19. These may help in letting students know that many people are working to keep everyone safe.

We appreciate your flexibility in this unexpected situation. Thank you for your help, support, and dedication to helping your student succeed.  As mentioned earlier, please be looking for an individualized email to your student’s email from us today. I will cc’d your parent email on the student email. In the individualized email, there will be individualized information including a resource packet to target their individualized speech/language IEP goal/goals at home. There will also be important information regarding speech/language service options for the remote learning period.