Douglas County School District Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) is comprised of parents of students with disabilities, and district staff who share a common interest in quality education for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) works collaboratively with the Department of Personalized Learning, families and other stakeholders to influence and support programming that meets the unique needs of all learners. 

The Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) gathers and communicates information to influence and support programming for students in special education in Douglas County School District.

  • Collaborate with the school district on matters relating to continuous improvement efforts as they pertain to special education.
  • Promote family involvement in decision making by seeking advice on district practices and policies relating to special education.
  • To act as an advisory board on behalf of students receiving special education services.
  • Create resources for families with children in special education.
  • Plan and offer a variety of informational speakers/workshops/programming to help families with children in special education gain understanding and find support.

Board Members
  • Marisa Ala – Secretary, SED Support Group
  • Melina DePasse – SSN Support Group
  • Robin Evans – SSN Support Group
  • Kirah Johnson – Treasurer, Events
  • Daniel Kombo – Events 
  • Kara Lewis – Chair, Website & Newsletter
  • Kerriann Tompkins – Shining Star 
  • Sabrina West – SED Support Group, Events
  • Tricia Zabelin – Email, Mild/Mod Support Group

DCSEAC’s Parent & District Board Meetings 2018-2019 School Year
DCSEAC meets monthly to plan, communicate, and review needs and/or updates.  We welcome public input.
  • August 24 – Parent
  • September 5 – District
  • October 19 – Parent
  • November 7 – District
  • December 7 – Parent
  • January 9 –District
  • February TBD – Parent
  • March 6 – District
  • April TBD – Parent
  • May 1 – District

Contact Usinfo@DCSEAC.org  

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