Meet your 2018-19 Shining Stars!

Your 2018-19 Shining Star basket winners are:

  • Amy Bracken – Clear Sky Elementary – not pictured
  • Bruce Jones – Coyote Creek Elementary – pictured with principal Gigi Whalen (bottom row, second from left)
  • Kelsey Mang – Fox Creek Elementary – pictured with Assistant Principal Heather Carroll and Principal Brian Rodda (top row, first from left)
  • Lori Wheeler – Heritage Elementary – pictured (top row, second from left)
  • Ashley Ives – Northridge Elementary – pictured with Principal Katie Lynch, Assistant Principal Amanda Schmidt, and fellow nominees, Becky Lansville, Andrea Brinkerhoff, LeeAnn Eck,
    Courtney Hoover, Madison Cole, Logan Krisl and Lien Lao Shi
    (top row, third from left)
  • Jon Catto – Cresthill Middle School – pictured with student, Jack Nelson (8th grader), Principal/Lead Learner Sid Rundle and Assistant Principal Chris Cooke (top row, first from right)
  • Amy Freeman – Rocky Heights Middle School – not pictured
  • Colleen Pate – Rocky Heights Middle School – not pictured
  • ThunderRidge SSN Team – ThunderRidge High School – staff pictured, Ashely Roppolo, Ana Lavin, Kelly Wood, Roseann Bodeman, Katherine Root, Principal Nikki Ballow, Amy Lunstra, Megan Welch, Tanya Vice, Joanna Hutson, Allie Szabados, Janelle Mack, and not pictured, but equally important Stephanie Weber & Lori McKnight (bottom row, first from right)
  • Laurie Edmonstone – ThunderRidge High School – pictured with Principal Nikki Ballow (bottom row, first from left)

DCSEAC would like to thank our 2018-19 Shining Star basket donors!

  • Developmental Pathways
  • Lemongrass Spa- Jeni Cassidy, independent consultant
  • Beautycounter- Candace Trabulsi, independent consultant
  • Beautycounter – Rickii Barilla, independent consultant
  • Norwex- Gretchen Brahm, independent consultant
  • Aundrea De Leon 
  • Starbucks
  • Newks
  • Massage Elements
  • King Soopers
  • Bundt Cakes
  • Timbuk Toys
  • Target
  • Aspen Medical Aesthetics