Special Education News

As an advisory committee, DCSEAC
is happy to bring information about 
programming in DCSD related to 
Special Education to our stakeholders.

If you ever have questions or topics you would like addressed, please email 
us at info@dcseac.org or use the “contact us” tab on our homepage. 

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K-8 Special Education School in DCSD

Please click the link below for more information about the
K-8 special education school. Dr. Jason Germain also
spoke at a recent board of education meeting announcing a
property has been found in the old Parker library near Main Street. 

K-8 Special Education School presentation

FAQ’s K-8 Special Education School

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Mild/Moderate Needs Phase In Program

We recently were able to learn more about the new Mild/Moderate
Needs World Class Learning phase in program directly from the DCSD
Personalized Learning Team. If you have questions about
your child’s school, we recommend you contact your Case
Manager first and then the appropriate Special 
Education Coordinator if additional information is needed. 

Please click the link below for more information about 
the Mild/Moderate World Class program.

Dr. Jason Germain, Chief Student Advocacy Officer, also shared
information about the 
program at a recent Board of Education meeting. 

Please visit 
for the video of the meeting. 

Dr. Germain’s presentation is about 1:46 minutes into the meeting.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

February 9, 2016 DAC Winter Forum

In order to help our families learn about budgeting in the district we thought
it was important to share the DAC Winter Forum’s presentation on budgeting. 

Forum topics include improving our SAC and DAC effectiveness; building
stronger relationships with parents; an overview of school budgeting for
newer SAC members; and, for those with more experience, an overview
of the first year of the Master Capital Plan put together by the Long Range
Planning Committee. The second part of the forum includes networking
time by feeder, with focus on topics related to parental engagement
and the District budget priority recommendations.


DAC Winter Form Budget Q&A Session

Full Presentation on Budgets from Scott Smith
(starting at 7:45 mins)

More information about the DAC Winter Forum and
full Live Stream coverage please visit:

2016 DAC Winter Forum Information

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